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You and your partners are between 15 and 25 years old*

You are interested in establishing your own social enterprise and need funding 

Please refer to these pages for more information:

IF 2022sep_IG_V2.jpg
IF 2022sep_IG_V2.jpg

Prototype is opening for application!

Let’s start your journey of social entrepreneurship!

Application Deadlines:24/10

Join  Info Sessions 

For more information about the application, please attend our Information Sessions.

Date:6/10 & 14/10
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Interactive Workshops 

Participants can join experiential SE workshops, human library and co-create innovative idea by design thinking!

  • Eligibility

*Disclaimer: Teams with some of the applicants over 25 years old will also be considered. Should you have any queries about forming a team, please email

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