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Past Events

Prototype Project Event: Joint Vetting Committee (JVC) 


After two months of guidance and training, teams that had successfully passed the pre-screening pitched on the JVC.

Prototype Project Event: Face-to-face Workshop


In addition to providing a variety of courses on social innovation knowledge, Innovation Farm also prepared physical workshops to let participants have a deeper understanding of various issues. 

Prototype Project Event:
Social Entrepreneurship Body of Knowledge
(SE-BoK) Training


The new round of prototype funding called for applications, and Innovation Farm provided courses on Social Impact Measurement, Initial Hypothesis, and Marketing to prepare participants for actualizing their social innovation. 


Innovator Farm held its first B-E-N Community of Practice (CoP) in which funded prototype project teams were formed into three groups targeting different sectors—business, education, and non-government organization (NGO), according to their business nature. In addition to understanding the methods of cooperation used in each sector, young social entrepreneurs were also encouraged to exchange insights and explore collaboration with one another through this event.

Start-Up Project Event:
Preliminary Screening


Innovator Farm invited professional judges from different fields to evaluate the business models, social impact and market and social analysis of various projects.

Start-Up Project Event:

Social Entrepreneurship Body of Knowledge

(SE-BoK) Training

2020.11 ~ 12

Developing a social enterprise is not always easy. In light of this, Innovator Farm launched Start-Up Project application that provides social entrepreneurs with the necessary support and guidance to succeed at starting their social enterprises.

Prototype Project Event: Boot Camp


In order to help young people on their social entrepreneurial journey, Innovator Farm organized Boot Camp to guide them through the entire process, from conceiving ideas, to coming up with a practical plan, and actualizing their dreams.

Now x Future Social Entrepreneurs Exchange Session


The Innovator Farm co-working space was officially launched. To commemorate this event, people from all walks of life were invited to participate in the “Now x Future Social Entrepreneurs” Exchange Session to share their social innovation experiences and their hopes for future development.

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