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What is Innovator Farm?

Innovator Farm is organized by *Fullness Social Enterprises Society and sponsored by SIE Fund. It principally focuses on providing a platform for the youth who age 15-25 to develop creative and socially-aware ideas. Fullness Social Enterprises Society launched Innovator Farm in June 2020. It is established and designed to support youths in the pursuit of their social innovation potential. It helps them to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions to solve current social issues and mitigate the plight of disadvantaged groups. 

Innovator Farm employs systematic training to assist youths in participating and learning about social innovation. By creating a supportive and comfortable environment for them, youths who are passionate about social innovation can experience the journey of creating social innovation projects with their peers. Innovator Farm champions different types of social innovation projects, creating creative ideas that evolve into prototype and start-up projects. The objective of the project should be aligned with the purpose of the SIE Fund: "Through social innovation and entrepreneurship, we aim to find out a solution that can solve social issues such as poverty and social isolation as well as to promote the well-being and connection in society." The program provides participants with support through experimental learning, guidance from mentors, interactive training, learning with partners and alumni. Additionally, participants establish relationships and connections with stakeholders from different sectors such as society, business, education, and the government through the project. A shared co-working space in Innovator Farm is also provided, allowing youths and young social entrepreneurs to learn and grow together.

*Fullness Social Enterprises Society was established in 2011. It is the first non-profit organization in Hong Kong centered on knowledge-based volunteering. By committing to convene the professionals of varying sectors to become volunteers, we aim to promote the development of social enterprises and social innovation in Hong Kong. In recent years, Fullness has committed to integrating the concept of social entrepreneurship into local secondary and tertiary education, thus nurturing young social entrepreneurs for Hong Kong.

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