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Application Procedures


The teams will undergo five stages to complete the assessment before receiving the funding  from SIE Fund to implement their social innovation projects.

Phase 1: Learning about Social Innovation for Idea Generation 

Through IF Boot Camp, Social Entrepreneurship School Education, or Certificate for Module (Management for Social Enterprises), the teams will gain more knowledge about social innovation*, which enables them to develop social innovation ideas.

Phase 2: Project Pitching

All teams will submit the required documents and present their projects on the pitching session.

Phase 3: Judges' Vetting

The judging panel will assess the project according to the vetting criteria.*

Phase 4: Funding Release

 The funding will be given in installments to the successful teams.

Phase 5: Project Implementation

Funded teams can make use of the co-working space of Innovator Farm to meet-up, learn and grow together with other youth social entrepreneurs, obtain coaching and guidance, be inspired by peers, and participate in alumni sharing, etc. They can also seek for matching fund with the aid of IF Program, connect with various sectors to actualize their social innovation smoothly and impactfully.



1. Content includes Market Research, Social Impact Measurement, Social Return on Investment, Financial Modelling, Decision Analysis and Risk Mitigation, Project Management, Social Innovation, Marketing, Pitching Skills, etc.

2. In general, results would be announced via email within 60 working days after the pitching.

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